Terms & Conditions - it's tough love time

I know that this system works. You can get new leads, prospects, and actual clients...if you actually DO it.

Can I guarantee that by actually implementing this training, you'll be able to quit real estate, become a full-time YouTuber, and make thousands of dollars a month passively? No. But will you gain market share, allow potential clients to find your content, decide whether they like you enough to hire you, and then call/text/email you when they're ready? Heck yeah!!!! But ONLY if you actually do it.

I don't require that you spend money on ads. But I HIGHLY recommend you have a website. Dominating Google search results requires a website in addition to your YouTube channel. The two go hand in hand. If you don't have a site, it's ok. You can still use video alone. It will just probably take a bit longer if you don't have a way to offer lead magnets and deliver them automatically. Don't give up! You may have to make even more videos or choose to spend a few bucks to promote each one. It won't happen overnight but it will happen.

So here’s some tough love…DON’T ENROLL if you don’t plan on doing what I actually train you to do in the course. It breaks my heart to see agents coming to all the trainings, and spending hours consuming the content but not actually creating any content, then you'll just be wasting your money. I won't feel good and sleep well at night knowing you spent this much money and never implemented the strategy.

Copyrighted Material

You may not share any of the content inside the training modules without our express written permission. Don't do it.

Refund Policy

Refund Period Validity

We have a 7-DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund policy. If you come to me within 7 days from the date you enrolled in the course and ask for your money back, I'll give you a refund, no problem. We will refund you the amount you paid for the course.

Just email support@youtubeforagents.com to cancel.

But take note, once the cancellation is complete, you are NOT ENTITLED and NOT ALLOWED to use our done-for-you lead magnet templates, tools, resources, and other bonus materials in the course. The refund will also NOT INCLUDE your payment for any upsells or add-ons such as the Digital Planner.

NO refund requests will be granted after the 7-day period has passed. This policy applies whether you paid in full or you are on a payment plan.

If you are on a payment plan, you chose to spread your payments out but you are not choosing to discontinue the program.

If you are on a payment plan and you miss the 7-day refund policy period, you are still obligated to pay the monthly payments until the course is paid in full.